Time Tracking for Nonprofits.



Convenient Time Entry

  • Online time entry.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Cost center allocations.
  • Program/Functional expense allocations.
  • Attach comments to time entries.

Paid-time-off Accruals

  • Automated accruals.
  • Automatic deductions.
  • Easy manual adjustments.
  • Employee specific accrual rates and limits.
  • Simple paid-time-off activity log.

Manage Compliance

  • Automatically generate Time & Effort Reports.
  • Easily document grant compliance with labor distribution reports by grant based on reported effort.
  • Improve accuracy of program and functional expense allocations for your 990 return and financial statements.


Enterprise Plan

$1,200 per year base charge +

$50 per employee, per year


We take security seriously.

  • Two Factor Authentication - Each time you log in from a device not associated with your account, we will send you a verification email with a secret code to access your account.
  • SSL Connection - All communications between your computer and our servers are encrypted with SSL technology.
  • Data Backups - We regularly backup your data to prevent data loss.
  • Data Encryption - Your sensitive information, including all personally identifiable information, is encrypted while it is stored on our servers.
  • Additional precautions - We take many other precautions to keep your information safe from the common hacking techniques such as SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting.